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Render Coatings

A choice of paints, coatings, admixtures and specialist anti-graffiti and fungicidal treatments for use when restoring buildings to an “as new” appearance and ensuring a long-lasting finish.

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231 Lankofuge Surface

A solvent-based liquid for providing waterproofing and surface protection, which spreads by capillary action.

Bio-Graffiti Nettoyant

A bio-degradable graffiti cleaner suitable for a wide range of graffiti removal operations.

Bio-Graffiti Protection

Anti-graffiti protective coating for external and internal walls, natural stone, concrete, etc.

Calcilane Antico

Lime-based whitewash for exterior finishes on old and new build constructions.

Calcilane Badigeon

Hydrated lime-base paint which is suitable for providing warm effect finishes and to provide a brushed or stucco finish.

Calcilane Enduit

A hydrated lime-based paste used to create a warm effect, timeless finish on both new and older buildings.

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