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Highways Standards

PAREX’s Highways mortars, concretes and grouts comply with a variety of Highways Agency, Department of Transport, British and European Standards.

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges:
BD 27/86 ch.3 – LA Repair Concrete
BD 27/86 ch.6 – Speedcrete S Acrylic
HA 104/15 ch.6 – FrameFix, FrameFix UF
HD 27/04 ch.3 clause 3.11 – Highway  C2, QSM, CA1, CA45, FSC-20, FSC-10 HD 27/04 ch.3 clause 3.30 – Speedcrete S Acrylic, TecFast Concrete, FSC-6

Specification for Highways Works:
Series 1700 (Structural Concrete) – LA Repair Concrete
Clause 1711 (Post-Tension Grout) – Cable Grout

Concrete Repair
EN1504 standard for concrete repair - LA Repair Concrete, Tecfast Concrete and the Lankorep range of repair mortars