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  • Three Gates House, Warwickshire

    TWO render systems from Parex were specified as part of a major makeover for a traditional Arts & Crafts style home set  deep in the Warwickshire countryside.

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Three Gates House, Warwickshire

TWO render systems from Parex were specified as part of a major makeover for a traditional Arts & Crafts style home set deep in the Warwickshire countryside.

The detached house nestles in an ancient settlement in a countryside hamlet which was mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

The property was originally built in the early 20th century and extended in the early 1990s to accommodate private leisure facilities including a swimming pool. Renovations to the main property, along with the original stable yard and grooms’ cottages was carried out more recently with extensive work to the existing brick-built elevations.

For the main building, ParexDirect Monoblanco bright white render was specified to replace the original which was knocked back to the brick substrate.

Specialist applicator RS Rendering, of Sutton Coldfield, applied a regulator coat of Parex Micro Gobetis 3000 breathable and water resistant bonding render to the existing mixed substrate of brick and block in order to improve adhesion, followed by Parex Monoblanco with Parex TV10 reinforcing mesh embedded to give added strength at stress points and openings. For added protection, Parex Monoblanco DPR (Dirt Pick-up Resistance) render was applied as a final coat with a scratched finish.

Parex Maite with embedded mesh was also used for internal improvements to the property where elevations had been constructed single leaf. A layer of Knauf insulated render board was then applied prior to complete re-plastering.

RS Rendering also carried out the rendering of the stable block and apartments where additional insulation was installed as part of the process by using a ParexTherm Mineral Render System comprising 100 mm of expanded polystyrene insulation board attached to the existing brickwork substrate using Parex Maite as the adhesive.

A further base coat of Parex Maite was then applied with Parex 355 AVU reinforcement mesh embedded to provide additional strengthening in critical areas such as the window and door openings. A top coat of Parex EHI mineral render in Natural White (G00). Finally, Parex Monoblanco DPR render was applied to provide added stain-resistance and protection.

Specialist applicator:

RS Rendering Ltd, of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Parex Products used:

Main Property

Bonding Coat: Parex Micro Gobetis 3000

Reinforment: Parex TV10 Mesh

Top Coat Render: ParexDirect Monoblanco

Protective Coating: Parex DPR Coating in Monoblanco

Stable block Apartments

ParexTherm Mineral Render System comprising

Adhesive & Base Coat: Parex Maite

Reinforcement: Parex 355 AVU Mesh

Insulation: 100mm Expanded Polystyrene

Top Coat Render: Parex EHI Mineral Render

Protective Coating: Parex DPR Coating in Monoblanco

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Multi-purpose mortar suitable for a range of uses including as a thin base coat, an insulation adhesive and dash receiver for external wall insulation systems.

355 AVU Reinforcement Mesh

High strength reinforcement mesh which has ETAG and BBA approval.


Through-coloured renders suitable for use with the PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT render systems and available in 48 standard colours.


A bright white, one-coat or top coat finish, through coloured, weather resistant and breathable decorative render.

TV10 Reinforcement Mesh

Glass fibre meshes suitable for use with a wide range of Parex render systems and applications.

Micro Gobetis 3000

A bonding coat for low or high porosity surfaces such as concrete, lightweight blockwork, bricks etc. It improves the adhesion for one coat render systems.