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Base Coats, Primers & Adhesives

Base coats, waterproofing materials and multi-purpose mortar/adhesive for use with the PAREXTHERM Mineral Render System.

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201 Lankoblack

Coating used to create a waterproof barrier. Typical uses include protection of foundations and below-ground structures.

DPR Primer

Ready-to-use primer designed to adjust the base absorption of substrates prior to the application of Parex finishes.

DPR Coating

Dirt resisting acrylic paint for the decoration of internal and external walls. Available in over 30,000 colours with excellent hiding power and flexibility.

313 Sanded Primer

Preparation coat for 630 Cerastone® and 632 Spraystone™ finishes.

395 Keycoat

A liquid membrane and joint sealer and insulation adhesive particularly for render board and timber applications, designed for use as a weather-resistant barrier behind PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT render systems.


Multi-purpose mortar suitable for a range of uses including as a thin base coat, an insulation adhesive and as a thin coating for finishing off exterior insulation systems.

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