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Base Coats, Primers & Adhesives

Base coats, waterproofing materials and multi-purpose mortar/adhesive for use with the PAREXTHERM Mineral Render System.

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201 Lankoblack

Coating used to create a waterproof barrier. Typical uses include protection of foundations and below-ground structures.

DPR Primer

Ready-to-use primer designed to adjust the base absorption of substrates prior to the application of Parex finishes.

313 Sanded Primer

Preparation coat for 630 Cerastone® and 632 Spraystone™ finishes.

395 Keycoat

A liquid membrane and joint sealer and insulation adhesive particularly for render board and timber applications, designed for use as a weather-resistant barrier behind PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT render systems.


Multi-purpose mortar suitable for a range of uses including as a thin base coat, an insulation adhesive and as a thin coating for finishing off exterior insulation systems.

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