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Finishing - Lime

Renders suitable for creating plaster mortar finishes and special ornamental details.

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A ready-to-use hydrated lime-based traditional decorative coating suitable for restoring and finishing elaborate decorative facades.


Hydraulic lime single coat or top coat finish render, available in 48 standard colours and suitable for use on new buildings or as a restoration render.


Lime plaster mortar which produces a stone-like appearance and is suitable for restoring plaster mortar facades and for creating large ornamental features.

Parilien Fin

A fine finish variant of Parilien suitable for external or internal applications for restoring or creating new lime plaster, cutting to a berthelet style or to create large ornamental features.

Parlumiere Fin

Fine through-coloured hydraulic lime render available in 48 colours for use as a traditional render coating and for re-pointing bricks and facing stones.

Parlumiere Moyen

Hydraulic lime restoration top coat render, re-pointing and building mortar available in 48 colours.

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