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Blanc du Littoral

A bright white, one-coat or top coat finish, through coloured, weather resistant and breathable decorative render.


A one-coat, breathable, weather resistant and breathable decorating render for masonry and concrete walls. Available in 48 standard colours (special colours to order), the render provides an excellent finish and good surface hardening.

BLANC DU LITTORAL is suitable for machine spraying or hand application and can be finished in a range of styles from smooth sponged or float fine down finish fine, scraped, light tyrolean to heavy roughcast textured finishes.

BLANC DU LITTORAL is only suitable for rendering onto dense masonry substrates;
It can be used on walls constructed from;

Dense aggregate concrete blocks. The NHBC 2017 Chapter 6.11 Render, advise the following concrete block categorisation.

Block category

Compressive strength of the blockwork

Dry density

Dense aggregate



Always take particular note of the block manufacturer’s guidance on suitability.
Dense bricks
Shuttered concrete walls
Dense base coats conforming to BS5262
It is not suitable for;
Lightweight masonry e.g. Lightweight concrete blocks such as Celcon, Durox, Thermalite etc.
Durisol or Porotherm clay block substrates.
Other similar type substrates where the render is likely to be stronger than the substrate being applied to.

When applying to these type of substrate use MONOBLANCO

It is recommended to use TV10 MESH as a minimum at stress points or vulnerable areas above and below window and door heads, cill and openings.

Subject to location and a Parex specification being issued, a minimum 15mm finished thickness of BLANC DU LITTORAL can meet the requirements for Sheltered, Moderate and Severe exposure zones and at a minimum of 20mm finished thickness can meet the requirement for Very Severe exposure zones.
Parex also offer a comprehensive range of specifications and applicable construction details. Contact the Parex Technical Department for further guidance and information.

A full range of project specifications for different substrates and systems using Parex products are available through the NBS Scheme or directly from Parex Ltd.

Refer also to the PAREX TECHNICAL INFORMATION SHEETS for additional guidance. If required please use the appropriate Pre-Render Inspection form for assistance.

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