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Floor Coatings

The Ultrasol range of specialist floor coatings from PAREX provides a choice of quality coatings that meet the need for robust performance and aesthetically pleasing finishes in industrial, commercial and retail environments.

The Ultrasol range includes both solvent-based and environmentally-friendly water-based coatings suitable for a range of applications including: 

  • Industrial areas demanding finishes that are slip- resistant and stand up to continuous trafficking, aggressive substances and water. 
  • Outdoor and indoor car parks requiring high levels of mechanical resistance and resilience to constant heavy traffic.
  • Commercial and retail premises where ease of maintenance, functionality and aesthetics are the key drivers.

The technically advanced coatings are easy to apply and provide a long lasting maintenance-free solution for all types of industrial and commercial use

To meet the aspirations of the designer Ultrasol coatings are not only available in stock colours, but can also be supplied in RAL colours where a particular theme or complementary match to corporate colours is required.

Ultrasol range is also complements by a range of dedicated primers to provide a complete coatings solution.