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Mortars, concretes, primers and admixtures specially formulated for a wide range of general concrete repairs and protection.

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Bondcoat UF

High performance bonder for use with epoxy resin based screeds, cementitious mortars and toppings.

CS Concrete

Poured or pumped for support of stanchion bases, machine bed plates, crane rail tracks, pipework supports, etc.

CR Mortar

General concrete repair mortar also suitable for protecting steel elements.

CR Mortar Fine & White CR Mortar

Choice of mortars for repairs to most types of precast concrete units.

Epoxy Mortar E

High strength repair mortar for a range of repair and support applications.

Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade

Fine grade mortar formulated to provide support in critical situations including precast concrete, bridge beams, steel units, etc.

Epoxy Putty

Putty designed for smooth finish repairs to concrete units and also for high strength bedding of precast concrete, steel units, stanchions and for anti-vibration installations.

LA Repair Concrete

Low alkali concrete suitable for use on bridges or soffits and suitable for cathodic protection projects.

Pouring Concrete

High early strength concrete designed for new construction and concrete repairs, offshore, motorways.


A general purpose curing membrane for all cementitious repair products and placed concrete.

Steel Primer

An anti-corrosion primer incorporating an advanced corrosion inhibitor, designed to coat and protect exposed steel reinforcement.

Super C

A specialist repair and bedding mortar for use at very low temperatures, including cold rooms and other extreme situations.

Super FG

Low temperature working mortar for use in winter highway applications and cold stores to -20oC