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Vertical Face

A choice of high performance stay-in-place mortars and treatments for repairs and fairing of all vertical precast and in-situ concrete structures and installations.

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Steel Primer

An anti-corrosion primer incorporating an advanced corrosion inhibitor, designed to coat and protect exposed steel reinforcement.

Acrylic Latex

Acrylic resin primer/tack coat for use with PAREX concrete repair products.

Bondcoat UF

High performance bonder for use with epoxy resin based screeds, cementitious mortars and toppings.

Aquatic Mortar Accelerated

Mortar for use in wet and damp conditions in tunnels, sewers, pipes, coastal and marine installations.

CR Mortar

General concrete repair mortar also suitable for protecting steel elements.

CR Mortar Fine & White CR Mortar

Choice of mortars for repairs to most types of precast concrete units.

Acrylic Mortar

Precast concrete and masonry repair mortar. Meets BD27/86 pt6. Department of Transport Specification for Bridge Repairs.

Lightweight Mortar 18

Polymer modified mortar for producing a fair faced finish to overhead and vertical concrete and masonry surfaces. For joint sections up to 50mm and small pockets up to 100mm.

Lightweight Mortar Rapid

A lightweight fast setting repair mortar which is suitable for use in vertical and overhead applications.


A general purpose curing membrane for all cementitious repair products and placed concrete.

Skimcoat Plus

Fairing coat to produce a smooth finish to all types of in-situ or precast concrete surfaces.