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Epoxy Thixotropic Injection Grout

A stay-in-place non-shrink grout for filling and bonding cracked concrete without shuttering and for thin section support.


A thixotropic two-part epoxy resin system which can be placed using a Tecgrip Gun and Tecgrip Cartridge or may be injected using a suitable hand or mechanical pump. Grouting of gap dimensions 0.1mm to 10mm can be achieved without the use of grout tight shuttering. Provides rapid strength gain, obtaining mechanical properties several times those of high quality concrete. The material is non-shrink enabling complete fill of the grouting area. The hardened grout is resistant to most chemicals, stable to sea water, petroleum products and resists freeze thaw cycles.

Typical uses include filling and bonding cracked concrete where grout leakage may occur and structural support where thin section grouting is required without the use of shuttering.