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Concrete Repair

A selection of mortars, primer and curing agents especially for concrete repair applications, skim coats, sprayed repairs and anti-carbonation protection.

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Steel Primer

An anti-corrosion primer incorporating an advanced corrosion inhibitor, designed to coat and protect exposed steel reinforcement.

Super C

A specialist repair and bedding mortar for use at very low temperatures, including cold rooms and other extreme situations.

Super FG

Low temperature working mortar for use in winter highway applications and cold stores to -20oC

Speedcrete S Acrylic

Tough, hard-wearing, non-shrink concrete for use on car parks, forecourts, loading bays, bridge deck repairs, ramps etc.


A dry spray concrete that can be can be sprayed onto concrete, brick and masonry structures.

Acrylic Mortar

Precast concrete and masonry repair mortar. Meets BD27/86 pt6. Department of Transport Specification for Bridge Repairs.

FS Mortar

Rapid setting high build mortar for high strength concrete repairs to concrete units, screeds and other substrates. Meets DTp BD27/86 pt 6 and suitable for marine and aggressive environments.

Lightweight Mortar 18

Polymer modified mortar for producing a fair faced finish to overhead and vertical concrete and masonry surfaces. For joint sections up to 50mm and small pockets up to 100mm.

Lightweight Mortar Rapid

A lightweight fast setting repair mortar which is suitable for use in vertical and overhead applications.


A general purpose curing membrane for all cementitious repair products and placed concrete.


Polymer reinforced mortar which is designed for rapid concrete repairs and meets DTp BD27/86 pt 6.

LA Repair Concrete

Low alkali concrete suitable for use on bridges or soffits and suitable for cathodic protection projects.

Pouring Concrete

High early strength concrete designed for new construction and concrete repairs, offshore, motorways.

CS Concrete

Poured or pumped for support of stanchion bases, machine bed plates, crane rail tracks, pipework supports, etc.

TecFast Concrete

Rapid setting concrete which allows road opening in one hour under normal conditions. Typical applications include the installation of road furniture, barriers and stanchion posts.

Spraydeck Rapid

Dry spray applied concrete suitable for repairs to concrete; sprayed coverage to deck systems; protective layering to membrane systems and as a protective coating in mechanically aggressive environments.

761 Lankosteel

Corrosion inhibitor for protection of concrete and steel.

731 Lankorep

Fibre reinforced, new generation CE Marked, concrete repair product.

751 Parex Latex

Styrene Butadiene Latex.

732 Lankorep

Fibre reinforced, new generation CE Marked, concrete repair product.