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New Parex Vinyl Ester Cartridge Anchor System

New CE-marked high strength Cartridge Anchor System from PAREX

Parex UK have extended their extensive range of anchoring materials with Tecgrip CAS Vinyl Ester, a CE marked ETAG-approved cartridge-based system.

The new all-in-one single cartridge fits a standard (300ml) sealant gun, is automatically mixed in the nozzle, is easy to use and displays fast setting characteristics with rapid strength gain. It can be used in any orientation, and will also work both underwater and in cored holes.

Performance has been verified and is covered by Etag certificate 13/0412, providing a working life of up to 50 years.

Use at low temperatures means that the setting time is extended, however a cartridge stored at 20°C will still set in one hour at -10°C. Conversely at 30°C the resin will set in just four minutes.

The material has been used for a diverse range of applications with standard rebar/ threaded bar anchoring predominating , along with other tasks including anchoring reconstituted stone quoins to the edge of buildings and precast concrete applications.

Tecgrip CAS Vinyl Ester sets rapidly and avoids lengthy “waiting periods”, particularly when compared with cementitious anchors which can take up to 28 days to achieve the same pull out characteristics.

In use, the product follows established rules of hole preparation and cleanliness and is backed by the Parex technical advice service.

Tecgrip Vinyl Ester joins the extensive Parex range which provides the broadest choice of anchoring products in the UK, including pot mixed polyesters and epoxies for substantial applications and large hole to bar ratios.

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