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The launch of MPR, a new high-performance multipurpose render from UK leader in construction chemicals Parex, will ensure distributors and their customers can capitalise on a render which offers ease of application on a variety of masonry substrates.

Parex’s MPR multipurpose render is a weather resistant grey render for internal and external walls which can be easily applied by hand or spray machines. This factory-produced render can replace site mix render with one product and gives consistent mix proportions and performance.

The applicator simply needs to add water to the mix rather than the traditional method of taking bags of sand, cement and lime and mixing it together with water.

Suitable as a base coat for receiving a Parex decorative finish such as Crylane, Revlane+, Silicane or Siloxane, Parex MPR can be used on masonry and walls conforming to BS EN 1996 including blocks made from concrete, clay, aircrete, and expanded clay insulation as well as shuttered concrete, stone and brick.

Parex MPR multipurpose render is part of the Parex portfolio of renders, coatings and ancillary products for render and façade systems. Parex Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialist mortars, anchors, highways products, hard landscaping mortars, advanced renders and repair materials used in construction, refurbishment and civil engineering.

To find out more about Parex’s MPR multipurpose render or to download the technical datasheet or pre-inspection render form visit 

For technical support and information call 01827 711755.

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Multi Purpose Render

Weather resistant grey render for internal and external walls. Suitable as a base coat for receiving a Parex decorative finish. e.g. CRYLANE, REVLANE+, SILICANE, SILOXANE