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PAREX products perform on prom

PAREX high performance grouts have played a crucial role in a new high profile £2 million “Comedy Carpet” feature for Blackpool seafront.

The major Comedy Carpet hard landscaping feature celebrating comedy greats who have appeared in the Lancashire resort was “rolled out” by king of chuckle Ken Dodd. It forms a dance floor for a new outdoor arena at the Tower Festival Headland site

During the course of the project PAREX supplied three bespoke colours based on 100 Newton Grout to set in granite letters that will make up the names and catchphrases of some of the world’s most celebrated comedians. A special white variant of CS Grout was also used.

The “carpet” was designed and manufactured by Comedy Carpets Ltd, of Humberside, and the individual components of the complex hard landscaping jigsaw were pieced together opposite Blackpool’s famous tower.

It is part of a major scheme to revitalise the town’s seafront. A BBC documentary film crew is following the whole project.

The Parex grouts were selected for their ability to withstand wear in the same way that the letters will. Three colours of “Comedy Carpet Grout”, two whites and a blue, were specially developed following exhaustive trials led by our technical team.