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Crack Injection Repairs

High performance injection system purpose-designed to penetrate and seal the finest of cracks.

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Tecgrip CAS Cartridge

Polyester resin-based high strength anchor system for the bonding of fixings in horizontal or verticals holes and for a wide variety of anchoring applications including the fixing of dowels, studding, starter bars, brackets, plaques, street art, etc,.

Tecgrip CAS Epoxy Cartridge

Epoxy resin anchor system for fixing steel bolts and bars into pre-drilled upward or downward facing holes within concrete, rock, brickwork, stonework or masonry.

Epoxy Injection Grout

Injection grouts suitable for grouting and sealing the narrowest of gaps in concrete and masonry.

Epoxy Thixotropic Injection Grout

A stay-in-place non-shrink grout for filling and bonding cracked concrete without shuttering and for thin section support.


Simon Rickett

Simon Rickett

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