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Segment - Unit Repairs

A choice of patching and finishing mortars to assist in achieving the highest standard of finish for precast buildings and structures, including materials colour matched to the various concrete types.

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Repair and patching mortar suitable for fair faced repairs to all types of concrete surfaces.

Rapid Mortar Light

For repairs to concrete where a light grey base mix has been used.

Rapid Mortar White

Rapid Mortar white is for concrete repairs where white cement colour is required or in blend with Rapid Mortar Dark to achieve a required colour match.

Rapid Mortar Dark

For repairs to precast units and concrete where a dark grey mix has been used at manufacture or when placed.

Skimcoat Plus

Fairing coat to produce a smooth finish to all types of in-situ or precast concrete surfaces.


Carol Ball

Precast Sector Specialist

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