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Cable Grout

Industry standard high performance grout for the grouting of cables in post-tensioned concrete, void and fissure grouting, etc.


A specially formulated Portland Cement shrinkage-compensated powder mix designed for the grouting of cables in post-tensioned concrete for EN 446(2007) and CARES Appendix PT10 procedures. The material readily mixes with water to produce a particularly fluid flowing grout which will penetrate and fill fine voids within and around the cables then harden without shrinking to give a high strength product.

Uses include grouting of cable ducts, voids and fine fissures, support of cable anchor plates and ground anchors. Also to provide bearing or contact between structural elements, for grouting behind shafts and tunnel linings, and for underpinning, loose floor and road slabs.

Once hardened and cured, high compressive strengths are achieved giving resistance to static and dynamic stresses. Cable Grout has a total chloride, sulphate and sulphide-ion content below that specified in EN 447 and CARES PT10.

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