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  • Deptford Market Yard

    The re-development of a London market yard incorporating a series of refurbished railway arches for commercial and leisure use features a vibrant paving scheme using high strength bedding, bonding and jointing materials from Parex.

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The COMPLETE range of BS7533-compliant mortars

PAREX is a UK leader in specialist mortar systems for hard landscaping to BS 7533 standards and refurbishment.

These range from gun-injected mortars and systems for bedding and jointing hard landscaping and repointing masonry, to specialist lime-based products for restoration and refurbishment of historic buildings.

PAREX also provides a range of specially formulated low modulus bedding and jointing mortars for situations where compliance with BS7533 is required. In a recent new initiative bedding mortars are now available in silos.

Key products in the range include:

PAREX Standard, which can be gun-injected and are available in a range of standard colours to match or complement the paving or masonry being pointed. The mortar provides a quicker, cleaner and cost efficient means of creating weatherproof, long-lasting joints.

SettPoint, a pourable high strength mortar specially developed for wide joints in natural stone setts.

Granatech, a slurry-applied jointing mortar for large areas of cobbles, pavers and small element paving.

PAREX FBC, a fine bedding concrete ideal for providing a solid bed for natural stone slabs, man-made and clay paving prior to jointing. Available in 30 tonne bulk silos or bags.

PAREX Historic, incorporating hydrated lime and suitable for older stone-built properties dating back to the early 20th century. Suitable for gun injection.

PAREX Restoration, a Natural Hydraulic Lime mortar for historic buildings and structures compliant with the European Classification for lime mortars, yet suitable for gun injection.

The range also includes marine, engineering and lime putty mortars for specialist applications.

All PAREX mortars are manufactured in the UK under BS EN 9001:2015 approved quality systems.