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Cement Based

A choice of high strength cementitious grouting products including “industry-standard” Cable Grout, a 100 Newton grout and free-flowing rapid hardening grouts for a broad range of applications.

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100 Newton Grout

Ultra high strength grout for rails, bridge bearings, factory installations, etc.

100 Newton AW Grout

High performance anti-washout grout for placement under water.

Cable Grout

Industry standard high performance grout for the grouting of cables in post-tensioned concrete, void and fissure grouting, etc.

CS Concrete

Poured or pumped for support of stanchion bases, machine bed plates, crane rail tracks, pipework supports, etc.

CS Grout

Best-selling high strength free-flowing grout for a wide variety of grouting applications in industry, infrastructure, construction and civil engineering.

CSW Grout

For structural and support applications in tunnels, marine, waterways, offshore and other wet environments.

GP Grout

Non-shrink easy-flowing grout for a wide range of applications including grouting stanchion bases and underpinning.

Soil Nailing Grout

PAREX Soil Nailing Grout is a highly fluid mix formulated specially for soil nailing applications and is suitable for pumped placement even in locations with difficult access including up steep slopes and embankments

Speedsure S Grout

A rapid setting grout ideal for limited possession work on road or rail projects.

TS Grout

Thin section grout suitable for a broad range of stabilisation, structural support and back grouting applications.

CSU Grout

A specialist Grout designed for placement under wet conditions, including underwater applications.

A Grout

An easy to use free-flowing chloride-free grout for grouting applications involving steel or precast concrete.


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