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Highway Products

One of the UK’s broadest portfolios of mortars, grouts and fixing materials for a host of highway applications including bedding manholes, frames and ironwork, fixing street furniture, patching and laying kerbs, etc.

Highway CA1, CA45, C1, C2, QSM and Universal conform to DTp HD27/94, the Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Volume 7, Section 2, clause 3.11. “Mortars for bedding ironwork, such as manhole cover frames during repairs, may be trafficked when the strength is expected to be 20N/mm². For rapid construction, this strength should be achieved within 2 hours.” Highway C3 will achieve the required 20N/mm² in 3 hours.

The Highway range of products have been designed for the bedding of manhole frames and road furniture with specific timing for road opening:

CA45 and QSM - Road opening within 45 minutes
CA1 and C1 - Road opening within 1 hour
C2 Road opening within 2 hours
C3 Road opening within 3 hours

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Cement Based

The widest range of materials suitable for highway repairs, new installation, reinstatement, patching, etc., Includes materials with quick setting times for early return to use and products for winter working in low temperatures.

Polyester Resin Based

Polyester Resin quick setting and rapid hardening materials for high strength, including variants for summer and winter working.