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Cement Based

A broad choice of cement-based mortars for support, packing and bedding applications in precast construction, together with specialist materials for placement in wet environments and under water.

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Aquatic Mortar Accelerated

Mortar for use in wet and damp conditions in tunnels, sewers, pipes, coastal and marine installations.

Dry Pack C

A material for all dry packing applications including the support of precast concrete units and for placement in gaps without the need for shuttering.

High Build Mortar

Non-slump packing mortar for use in structural support applications where good vibration resistance is required.

Pumpable Mortar

For placement by hand pump for infilling of horizontal and vertical joints between precast concrete elements.

Thixotropic Joint Filler

Stay-in-place pumped mortar specially formulated for filling gaps and voids in precast concrete construction without the need for shuttering.