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High performance grouts suitable for use in conjunction with Parex tile adhesives.

The range of four products includes jointing options for area with underfloor heating, for wet areas, hygienic applications and high abrasion situations. Coloured grouts to enhance appearance and complement decorative tiles are also available.

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5045 Prolijoint Souple

A fast-setting low dust, versatile, flexible tile grout in a fine grain finish allowing joints between 2 and 12mm.

5046 Elit

A low-dust flexible tile grout available in 21 colours. 5046 Elit has a very fine grain finish allowing thin joints between 1 to 6 mm.

Perfect Color

Two-part epoxy grout with an almost smooth finish and available in 21 colours.

550/551 Prolijoint Resist

A grey (550) or white (551) grout with high abrasion and chemical resistance suitable for jointing tiles in swimming pools and public locations with high traffic use.