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A selection of self-levelling floor compounds and primers suitable for a wide variety of applications across a range of different substrates.

Ranging from new concrete floors, to previously tiled surfaces and even older timber constructions, there's a Parex product to fit. All mortars are self-levelling and cover both external and internal use as well as options ranging from light domestic use to heavily trafficked commercial situations.

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172 Solclassic

A rapid setting self-levelling mortar for use on lightly trafficked interior floors for new or renovation work in domestic situation, offices, schools and commercial premises.

184 Solfibre

A flexible fibre-reinforced self-levelling mortar for use on interior floors in domestic and commercial premises.

176 Sol 4000

A high performance self-levelling mortar for new or existing internal or external solid floors in high traffic locations such as hospitals, airports, factories and commercial buildings.

165 Proliprim Universel

A universal primer intended to regulate the porosity of multiple substrates and to facilitate the application of floor and wall systems.

163 Omnisol

A ready-to-use thick based primer specially designed for internal use to ensure good adhesion is achieved, by regulating the surface condition of the floor substrate, for both new and renovation projects.