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A choice of material for tunnel refurbishment and repair including water stopping, pointing, caulking and grouting of concrete segments.

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Concrete Repair

One of the broadest choices of concrete repair materials covering virtually all requirements. in tunnelling and culverting installations.

Crack Repair

Materials for grouting and bonding gaps in tunnel structures, including an injection material for treating fine cracks.

Jacking Points

High strength grouting material for jacking point applications.


Specially formulated Sprayable lining mortars for easy application. Choice of materials including a variant for colder conditions.


A choice of epoxy-based material for rebedding applications.


A choice of repointing mortars for all types of pointing operations including lime-based for older constructions and gun injected mortar for easy and speed of application.


High performance resin anchors for use in all applications involving the permanent fixing of rebar, bolts and other mechanical fixings. A choice of materials for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Water Stopping

Effective material for plugging leaks in tunnel and pipeline installations.


Arthur McNiven

Arthur McNiven

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