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Concrete Repair

One of the broadest choices of concrete repair materials covering virtually all requirements. in tunnelling and culverting installations.

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Acrylic Mortar

Precast concrete and masonry repair mortar. Meets BD27/86 pt6. Department of Transport Specification for Bridge Repairs.

Aquatic Mortar Accelerated

Mortar for use in wet and damp conditions in tunnels, sewers, pipes, coastal and marine installations.

Acrylic Latex

Acrylic resin primer/tack coat for use with PAREX concrete repair products.

FS Mortar

Rapid setting high build mortar for high strength concrete repairs to concrete units, screeds and other substrates. Meets DTp BD27/86 pt 6 and suitable for marine and aggressive environments.


Arthur McNiven

Arthur McNiven

Pointing Sector Specialist

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