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GUN injection provides the simplest, cleanest and most labour-efficient way to repoint structures, form lasting joints in paving and provide the finishing touches to brick slip façade systems.

Our specialist mortars are specially formulated to pump easily for easy placement right into the joint, forming a lasting void-free and weatherproof joint even in deep gaps.

Because the mortar is placed accurately to the point where it is needed, there is substantially less waste, making it cost-effective and much neater.

Gun injection also speeds up one of the most time-consuming tasks in construction, achieving high outputs to ensure optimum use of costly labour. It can also be carried out using semi-skilled operatives, who quickly become proficient following basic training and advice, which we are also pleased to provide.

Because the mortars are factory-blended, requiring only the addition of water on site, the finish they provide is consistent and their long-term performance far exceeds the levels achieved using traditional site-mixed mortars.